Day Dreamer

I had so many plans for today, I was meant to go and see the new Twilight film at the cinema this afternoon with my friend Stacey then head to the gym afterwards, but she cancelled last night due to being “skint”. So I stayed up and watched WWE TLC on a live stream, that finished at 4am then I stayed awake from then, thought I’d stay up all day and get a good nights sleep then I’d have my sleeping pattern back on track.

This is the most challenging thing to do when you’re out of work, going to bed at a reasonable time, around 8am I was just laying in bed listening to music then I obviously dozed off, my alarm went off at half 12, I turned it off, soon fell back to sleep, kept waking up and going to going back to sleep, I had literally no reason to get up though, if I had a reason I’d get up and do it no matter how tired I am, but I have nothing to do with my day.

I gave my friend Ray my CV yesterday because there may be some work going at his place and they’re looking for people with experience, running machines and whatnot at the paperboard packaging factory, we both started on the same day back in 2004, I was there for 8 months before I went off and took a job in a factory a lot closer to my house, he stayed and has been there ever since. So it’s obvious I have experience, I can do the job no problem, it may be dead end for now but it’ll do until I get back on my feet.

My mum woke me up at 4 in the afternoon and asked what I wanted for tea, but I didn’t want anything I just wanted sleep, I eventually woke up just after 8pm, that’s about 12 hours sleep in total! It’d be okay if it was 8pm to 8am but vice versa is not good, while everyone is up and getting ready to go to work, doing what ever they do, they have their lunch, do more work, come home, have some dinner, relax in the evening, while all that was happening I’ve been in bed!

It seems like I had the same dream over and over too, normally I can’t remember dreams, occasionally I can if they were vivid enough, I’ll share with you the dream I can remember from the past day. Could be a nightmare? Either way it’s a scary view from my mind.

It started off with me going to work (At Tribal, the company that just fired me.) had the meeting exactly how it happened where they said they weren’t continuing my employment, except when I went to my desk to collect my things, I ended up throwing a computer monitor at the floor.

“Right, I’ll be reporting you for criminal damage too.” said the bitch of a manager, I didn’t care though, I was in a very angered state of mind, I left the building, I put an elbow through the twats driver side window, got in my car and left.

Kept running it through my mind how much I was in trouble for breaking that monitor, couldn’t afford to lose anymore money I came up with the plan to make it so they couldn’t prove that I broke that monitor, I drove back at nighttime, obviously bought some petrol and a petrol can on the way although I can’t remember doing that, I threw petrol through the letter box of the building then threw in a match, setting the place alight, it wasn’t long before the whole building was on fire, I got in my car and got the fuck out of there, hearing sirens in the distance.

Then I remember waking up at some point, answering a text message then went back to sleep, this time I was at home, a knock on the door, father answered it, it was the police wanting to question me about the building going up in flames.

“How did they know it was me?!” I thought, after talking to them for what seemed like forever they said they were going to take me in, then I remember feeling fear about having to explain this one of my parents, where I was going and why.

Luckily before I had to, I woke up again and it was suddenly 8pm. Then you get those moments where your brain hasn’t fully digested the fact that it wasn’t real, I woke up still anxious, then I realised it was just a dream and that I hadn’t set anything on fire. Relieved, I went for a piss.

So while I suppose it’s bad that I’ve wasted a full day in bed, it could be worse, I could be an arsonist!

I plan on staying up for 24 hours and going to be around this time tomorrow evening, that’ll get my sleeping pattern back in order, I’d rather be going to the gym in the day than wishing I had gone in the day during the night.

This is the song that put me to sleep to begin with! It’s just so heavenly though! Local artist by the name of Sarah Mac!


Author: 'Ard Pete

Hey everyone, my names Pete, friends call me 'Ard Pete because... well, I'm well 'Ard. Currently in Chesterfield, England, currently working as an I.T. Technical Lead for BT Business and Public Sector; it sounds more glamourous than it is but I'm a dab hand with Microsoft products. I enjoy television, mainly any Star Trek, all of Stargate, Lost, anything Joss Whedon has produced, 24 and House. Favourite music includes; Mumford and Sons, Jason Mraz, Eminem, Chris Cornell, Ludovico Einaudi, Goo Goo Dolls, Muse, 30 Seconds To Mars basically a wide variety of anything that's real, I hate dance, trance and anything like that, I don't consider that to be music. Not much of a sports guy, I like Professional Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, I can watch Football but only when I'm forced to watch it. Favourite author is Terry Pratchett, favourite film is Armageddon, favourite comedian is Lee Evans, favourite idiot is Karl Pilkington, favourite game is GTAIII, if there's anything else you wish to know, don't hesitate to ask. I'll more than likely not be busy.

5 thoughts on “Day Dreamer”

  1. I think i read in a post a while back that you were going to try and go to bed earlier and get a sleeping pattern, you will end up ill. Maybe thats why your having nightmares 🙂

  2. Don’t go to see the new Twilight film – don’t – really – don’t. And I am a fan of the series – just don’t go…seriously…

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