Kindle Killed The Book Store

If you’re an avid reader of the forums (though I don’t know why you would be) you may have seen that I asked what the best eReader was, there was two I had my eye on, the Kindle and the Kobo. Both around the same sort of price range however the Kobo had a greater memory capacity and it was touch screen.

But instead of going for the obvious choice I decided to be a sheep and instead get a Kindle. When it comes to reading books space is never going to be an issue because you’re never going to read that many books in a life time.

I’ve been pretty interested in getting an eReader for a long time because it’s just easier than lugging a book around with you, getting it bent and worn and damaged wherever you go. But due to financial difficulties over the past two years I simply couldn’t afford to get one.

Now that my circumstances have changed I thought, “why the hell not?” and went ahead and got one. I paid the extra money for speedy delivery because when I get excited about something, I hate waiting around. So I ordered it at 1am Monday morning and it arrived at 9am Tuesday morning. It came half charged, I plugged it in and charged it to full capacity which only took about an hour and downloaded my first book.

Don't Worry... I Own Many More Books Than This... Which Are Now Obsolete

After only experiencing it for one day I can certainly say that the Kindle has done for books that the iPod has done for music. You hear that complaint everywhere you go, “It doesn’t have the feel of a real book.” Well it wouldn’t would it? Because it’s not made of paper. You dumbass.

Does an iPod have the feel of a vinyl record? No, but you still have one anyway.

And while it is true that the Kindle isn’t the first eReader to exist, it certainly is taking huge steps in improving it. Even though the Kindle 4 isn’t touch screen, I don’t really mind as I didn’t want a touch screen eReader anyway, I prefer buttons. The design of it is gorgeous, when you turn it off you are left with one of many awesome screen savers to look at.

Then there’s that other argument, “but it doesn’t have a back light.”

Well neither do books! If I’m reading in the dark I’ll turn a lamp on, stop being such an emo.

Obviously I Was An Avid Goosebumps Reader As A Teenager - The Book To The Left Of The First Aid Manual Will Be Your Downfall

And thanks to my good friend Kirsty, she has given me her entire collection of books (close to a thousand) to last me a life time and that includes the entire collection of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Novels amongst many, many, many more awesome authors! It just amazes me how small the files are too, almost a 1000 books is around 1gb of data. Most of them don’t even go over a megabyte while some of them such as Lord of the Rings can go up to 5mb. Which in this day and age, is nothing at all.

The eReader is still a relatively new concept, with Sony creating the first real one back in 2004 and it’s already made great advances, the e-Ink looks fantastic and everything displays well. I can’t wait to see where they’ll be in a few more years time.

The six inch screen is perfect for me, it doesn’t glare in the sunlight and it’s so easy to use. (I literally took it out of the box and I was away.)

I would definitely recommend getting one if you’re into reading, it certainly has rekindled my passion for reading. Pun intended.

The downside is not with the Kindle itself but rather the accessories Amazon offer, they want you to pay £12.00 for a USB plug adaptor, luckily I got one for free with my HTC and they want to try and charge you £30.00 for a case (£49.99 for a case with a light stuck on the top) which is robbery when you can get far more cheaper cases that are just as good elsewhere.

But anyway, in conclusion;

You own an iPod/Less impressive mp3 player because it’s not practical carrying a discman and a whole bunch of CDs, so why not own an eReader? Because it’s far more practical than carrying around even one book.

23 thoughts on “Kindle Killed The Book Store

  1. Man how is the liquid ink display? Right now I’m using IPad 2. Good for photos, games, internet. But for ebooks. I see plenty of glare. Not really for serious reading. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

  2. My cat gave me one for Christmas (I’m so proud of her for having her own Amazon account)–I like the darn thing. I do wish I’d gone a bit higher and bought the ‘Fire’ (or Smoke or Embers, whatever) still, she does me just fine.

    When it comes to a good book, the kind I’ve drooled over (ie’11/22/63′) i did purchase the 3D version–love the heft of a good book.

  3. I don’t know if I could ever manage one of these. I’m too careless. I also concentrate much better in print. I still handwrite things a lot. I can see myself getting a Kindle and in the middle of a page scrolling up and down for no apparent reason. I still think it’s a great invention.

    What was your favorite Goosebumps? I always liked the “You Choose” ones that came later on. Not sure about a favorite though. Weren’t there a bunch called “Monster’s Blood”? Those then.

  4. This is actually tremendously convincing, especially the last paragraph. I still couldn’t tempt my brain into buying one, but I can see why so many people like them! It’ll be good when the end of the world comes and we’re all tearing up our books for bedding, but you can still read Goosebumps in the fading light of the dying sun on your eReader :D

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