Uncharted Waters

So as we all know my free time is pretty much spent on the PS3 these days since buying one, giving my reviews on both Sniper Elite and Heavy Rain. Heavy Rain I said was probably the finest game I had ever played since I began playing games. I just love a game with an excellent story. Something that draws you in as much as a TV show or a film does.

You know you’re in for something pretty great when you instantly connect with characters and feel for them every step of the way, which is what Heavy Rain managed to do from the outset. I didn’t think I could be wowed by a game again after playing this.

That is of course, until I popped in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. I’ve been told by friends that this game is pretty good and that it’s much better than the first and third games. Having not played the first game I was wondering if I’d know what was going on, I hate starting in the middle of a trilogy however it doesn’t hurt at all in this instance.

It’s no wonder this game is the second highest rated PS3 game of all time (Only narrowly losing out to Grand Theft Auto 4). The story is somewhat a mixture of Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider/National Treasure only with a lot more killing.

It opens up with a quote from Marco Polo on his death bed, “I did not tell half of what I saw, for I knew I would not be believed.” Pretty good English considering he didn’t speak it. The game then starts off in the middle with our adventurer, Nathan Drake hanging from a train in Nepal/Himalaya’s, after narrowly escaping certain death and killing someone who may be in the military we are shown what happened in the months leading up to that moment.

That in it self is an awesome way to start a story, I’ve done it often. Draw in your viewers/gamers with what is to come and build up in anticipation. Without going into a tremendous amount of detail about the plot, it’s all about trying to find the city of Shambhala (Shangri-La) and locating the Tree Of Life whose sap can make anyone invincible. To get there Drake has to deal with all sorts of betrayal from who he considered close friends. Along the way reuniting with a girl from the first game and it’s up to him to stop some evil Serbian from getting to the lost city first.

The voice acting is brilliant, the story is immense, the scenery is beautiful and the action is intense. You do get calm moments in the story where you can rest from all of the action going on (your head would explode otherwise). But before you know it you’re firing sniper rifles, bazooka’s, heavy machine guns once again trying to stay alive and get to the end of the game.

To say I was hooked would be an understatement, I started this game at half 1 this afternoon and played right through to half past midnight. Completing the entire game in a day, it had to be done. Yeah I now have a headache and it’s way too late at night considering I have work tomorrow but I just couldn’t turn it off. It was like watching a 11 hour long action film.

It stars Nolan North who you’d know from playing Assassin’s Creed and pretty much every video game ever made (look him up, his resume is vast.), Emily Rose; from things like ER, Jericho, John from Cincinnati. Claudia Black from Farscape and Stargate SG-1 and to my delight a small role by René Auberjonois from Star Trek DS9!

The ending of this game is a thing of awesomeness too and the two main characters Drake and Elena (Emily Rose) look out at the mountains while sharing humourous jibes at each other.

There’s no other rating this game deserves than a 10/10, it had EVERYTHING you’d want in a game, action, adventure, puzzles, humour, drama, excellent voice acting and an awesome soundtrack; this is probably the first time a game actually blew me away and I cannot WAIT to play the third installment. (And then eventually picking up the first installment and playing that.)


Author: 'Ard Pete

Hey everyone, my names Pete, friends call me 'Ard Pete because... well, I'm well 'Ard. Currently in Chesterfield, England, currently working as an I.T. Technical Lead for BT Business and Public Sector; it sounds more glamourous than it is but I'm a dab hand with Microsoft products. I enjoy television, mainly any Star Trek, all of Stargate, Lost, anything Joss Whedon has produced, 24 and House. Favourite music includes; Mumford and Sons, Jason Mraz, Eminem, Chris Cornell, Ludovico Einaudi, Goo Goo Dolls, Muse, 30 Seconds To Mars basically a wide variety of anything that's real, I hate dance, trance and anything like that, I don't consider that to be music. Not much of a sports guy, I like Professional Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, I can watch Football but only when I'm forced to watch it. Favourite author is Terry Pratchett, favourite film is Armageddon, favourite comedian is Lee Evans, favourite idiot is Karl Pilkington, favourite game is GTAIII, if there's anything else you wish to know, don't hesitate to ask. I'll more than likely not be busy.

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  1. This does sound pretty awesome… Terry’s still fiddling about with his Resident Evil. Might need to ‘accidentally’ buy this for him!

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