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E.Z. Bitchez, what’s going on n shit yeah? Welcome to episode two of Gangsta Time with yours truly. Todays video is centered on my response to Dark’s Uptake Episode 2 why I counter his argument that children should spend less time on computer games and discuss why it’s actually better for the human race that they remain indoors.

Naturally I fuck up a few times such as mixing up my speech and coughing (again) but what do you expect for free? If I were on NBC yeah or BBC n shit, then I’d probably be 100% perfect all the time but I’m not so quit your whining n shit yeah?


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  1. Hahaha you’ve inspired me to make more videos.

    Eventually I think you need to have a guest or some Q&A. Even if it’s that cat you feud with.

    • You should! The News With Moose? :P

      I’m always after some questions if anyone wants to send them in then I’ll know what to talk about instead of rambling on hah! I’ll have my dog on the show at some point, the cats will morely walk out, fucking divas.

  2. Lol! Seriously Pete, you crack me up … Waz zat? No dude, I don’t smoke that crap and stuff. Loving these vids, keep it up, phlegm don’t stop no gangstas.

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