Remember people! I’m still after some questions from yourselves for me to answer so I have something of more substance to talk about :D

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Easy Bitches, what’s going on n shit? I’m back with episode four of the delayed Episode 4 of Gangsta Time with yours truly where I talk about Internet Dating, well, sort of. Basically I insult people that are already on there. But you should still watch it because I’m ace.

Remember people, I am still waiting for people to give me some personal questions for me to answer, it could be anything. ANYTHING

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  1. I’ll watch the video when I get a chance, but for now…

    1) What is the difference between the Chinese and the Japanese?

    2) What are some ways to lengthen my penis naturally?

    3) Who is the ugliest person you have ever seen?

    4) What does gangsta Pete have to offer in a relationship?

    5) If there was a gun to your head and you had to have sex with one man in a world where John Cusack does not exist, who would it be?

    Feel free to use any or none of these suggestions.

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