Left The Building

Just wanted to let you all know so that you haven’t thought I’ve died or something that’ll I’ll be taking a few weeks off of blogging starting now.

I’ve been blogging regularly for over a year now and think I have earned such a break! As I’ve said previously I have some busy weeks coming up including Leeds Festival and one of my cousins wedding in Scotland.

Plus it’ll give me time to recharge my batteries and perhaps I’ll even start editing that damned novel of mine so I can hurry up and become a millionaire.

Keep on keeping on and I’ll see you all soon. (Literally, I’ll be standing outside your window.)

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16 thoughts on “Left The Building

  1. No, Pete! We’ll miss you. I promise to keep the blog warm until you return (and you better return damnit!). Bring us back cookies. And hookers.

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