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One good thing about being out of work is the ability to play as much video games as you want, sure you have all the other stuff to do, like look for a job. I have found a job, I currently have two agencies representing two big companies wanting to offer me a job, yet they are unable to give me a start date.

It’s been this way for a while now so while I also am looking elsewhere, I decided to do a bit of gaming. Of course without a job comes the inevitable debt from having no incoming money; luckily for me my bro bought Sleeping Dogs on PS3 last week, once he’d completed it he let me borrow it, that was pretty much my Sunday and today fully booked.

The title comes from the idiom, “Let sleeping dogs lie” which basically means leave things as they are…

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Author: 'Ard Pete

Hey everyone, my names Pete, friends call me 'Ard Pete because... well, I'm well 'Ard. Currently in Chesterfield, England, currently working as an I.T. Technical Lead for BT Business and Public Sector; it sounds more glamourous than it is but I'm a dab hand with Microsoft products. I enjoy television, mainly any Star Trek, all of Stargate, Lost, anything Joss Whedon has produced, 24 and House. Favourite music includes; Mumford and Sons, Jason Mraz, Eminem, Chris Cornell, Ludovico Einaudi, Goo Goo Dolls, Muse, 30 Seconds To Mars basically a wide variety of anything that's real, I hate dance, trance and anything like that, I don't consider that to be music. Not much of a sports guy, I like Professional Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, I can watch Football but only when I'm forced to watch it. Favourite author is Terry Pratchett, favourite film is Armageddon, favourite comedian is Lee Evans, favourite idiot is Karl Pilkington, favourite game is GTAIII, if there's anything else you wish to know, don't hesitate to ask. I'll more than likely not be busy.

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    1. Ah cheers Harry, I shall have a gander, I do have a new job actually, start Monday but the pay isn’t that great, mainly doing it to get myself back out of debt.

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