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The Dark Globe Is Looking For A Few More Writers And/Or Photographers

We Recently lost a Writer and Photographer, and I like to keep the Crew somewhere over 15 Members

If you’re interested in Writing some Occasional Posts, or Posting some of your Photography, Shoot me an E-mail @ JadeDark68@Yahoo.com, or Post a Comment Under This Post, or Under Our The Crew Page.

For the Most Part, we don’t do a lot of Reblogging, but You’re more than welcome to Repost (As opposed to Reblogging) some Articles that you’ve Posted on your Own Site, and of course Write Original Content.

Looking Forward to Hearing From You!


Senior Editor – Senior Writer – Site Creator

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  1. Thanks Pete, I already got 3 Responses From My Other Post, so with your Reblog, it Might get Busy around The Dark Globe, Lol

    But New/Fresh Blood is always good


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