Insanity’s Ascension

It’s hard to believe that a year ago I was embarking on my first attempt at a multi-author blog along with DarkJade and PDK. The blog was called One Knight and was a site where we would write some creative stuff and let the world see what we were capable of.

It was before I thought about creating The Writing Asylum, a place where I could post random short stories about things that were floating around in my head.

For the site I started a mini-series entitled Insanity’s Ascension which one year later is due to become the basis for my next novel.

NaNoWriMo is quickly approaching and I haven’t even begun to prepare for it! But I’m still very interested in joining the competition; so I’ll soon start to plan this novel then type until my fingers bleed!

DarkJade has since closed the site but has been kind enough to grant me access so I can grab the stories and post them on The Writing Asylum.

If you’re interested in seeing a glimpse into what I’ll be writing next (Ascensionem De Insania is the tentative title) head on over to Insanity’s Ascension and read them in order. Expanding this into a 90,000 (my personal target) word novel is going to be a challenge but one I’m looking forward to undertaking.


Author: 'Ard Pete

Hey everyone, my names Pete, friends call me 'Ard Pete because... well, I'm well 'Ard. Currently in Chesterfield, England, currently working as an I.T. Technical Lead for BT Business and Public Sector; it sounds more glamourous than it is but I'm a dab hand with Microsoft products. I enjoy television, mainly any Star Trek, all of Stargate, Lost, anything Joss Whedon has produced, 24 and House. Favourite music includes; Mumford and Sons, Jason Mraz, Eminem, Chris Cornell, Ludovico Einaudi, Goo Goo Dolls, Muse, 30 Seconds To Mars basically a wide variety of anything that's real, I hate dance, trance and anything like that, I don't consider that to be music. Not much of a sports guy, I like Professional Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, I can watch Football but only when I'm forced to watch it. Favourite author is Terry Pratchett, favourite film is Armageddon, favourite comedian is Lee Evans, favourite idiot is Karl Pilkington, favourite game is GTAIII, if there's anything else you wish to know, don't hesitate to ask. I'll more than likely not be busy.

13 thoughts on “Insanity’s Ascension”

  1. This is an ambitious task, but I know you can do it. Your writing is so brilliant and engaging and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it the first time round… I can’t wait to see how it expands! On another note, sorry I haven’t been round too much recenrtly, shit’s been kicking off, like. You know the sort of thing. ❤

    1. Once I get the first novel done I’ll send a copy of it your way 😀

      Shits been kicking off :O Well if you need me I’m only hiding in your wheely bin!

      1. Thanks Pete! That would be so awesome!

        Ah, I’m okay. I’m off to Manchester on Wednesday to see ETID so hope to zombie-mosh my way into happiness there. And I did wonder what the general rumbling coming from my bin was… 😀

        1. I’m off to Manchester on Thursday to see Muse! What a lucky city to be graced by both of our appearances within a matter of hours!

          It used to be the fox causing the rumbling, but I ate that because it kept weeing on me.

          1. No way! Manchester is freaking blessed to have our awesomeness contained within it. Have an awesome time at Muse! I’m aiming to get at least a broken arm at Every Time I Die 😀

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