Britain’s Got Talent – Best Of – Dancers

spelboundAs the weeks seem to disappoint me more I thought I’d restore my faith in Britain’s Got Talent but looking back at some of what I consider the best of. Obviously there’s many different categories but it main comes down to dancing, singing and everything else such as magicians, dog acts, etc.

After rewatching some of this years dancers I looked back and thought if they measured up to the dancers of BGT’s past.

Not only does it give me a reason to blog but it also gives you a way of wasting your free time, time that you may have spent doing something more productive such as sleeping. Now I’ve been known to bust a move myself once or twice; especially when I’m in da club with da fine ass honeyz but nothing on the scale of these players. (Lol jks, I don’t go to clubs, I’m 27 for feck sake and anyone at that age that does go in clubs are just weird. Leave it for the youngsters.)

So what I’ll do is post a video of their audition and a video of either their semi final/final performance.

Note:: You may have to click on the link on a couple of them to watch it on YouTube as Fremantle are bastards.

George Sampson – Body Pop/Breakdancing

The first guy that set the bar for this show was a guy called George Sampson who competed in the first series of Britain’s Got Talent, just some little 13 year old that wanted to make some money for his family and to hopefully show off what he had to offer. American’s you’ll notice Piers Morgan as one of the judges, this was before everyone convinced him that he’d be loved in America and shipped him off over your side of the pond to deal with. We still laugh about it now.

Unfortunately for George competition was steep the first year and he didn’t even make it through to the Semi-Finals. Not wanting to accept defeat however he returned the following year and show just how much a person could improve over the course of a year.

Which resulted in this:

He has since gone on to star in movies and television, release music and become widely recognized as a brilliant dancer.

Tobias Mead – Dancer

Tobias Mead was on the 2010 series and instantly became a favourite of mine; just the fact that he can put a mask on the back of his head and still be awesome. Piers Morgan comes out with his pointless comments and everyone is thinking at this point (Why don’t you piss of to America Piers you dumb prick).

He then got through to the Semi Finals and after a tense show he manages to get through to the finals and gives yet another outstanding performance. Unfortunately falls short of winning and ends up finishing 6th. I would say he should have won the competition however the winners (later) were pretty amazing. Though he definitely should have finished higher.

Diversity – Dance Troupe

If George Sampson set the standard for his style of dancing on the show then Diversity set the standard for dance troupes that have taken part on the show. For years since their participation new dance troupes are forever compared to Diversity and what they accomplished on the 2009 series of the show.

Their main competition on this show was a group named Flawless so they had to step up their game for the finals. Flawless eventually finished 8th; everyone expected Susan Boyle to win as she’d previously beaten Diversity in the Semi Final vote however on this night the scary old bag came second as Diversity were crowned winners of the third season.

Razy Gogonea – Body Pop/Breakdancing

Razy was a guy from Romania, came over here to live with his girlfriend and to apply on Britain’s Got Talent to showcase his skills. Razy was my favourite person of the whole of the 2011 series; the winner being some Scottish nonce (he’s probably alright as a person, I just dislike the Scots), the runner up being some young pop singer and the third place going to some boyband that no one even knows the name of without looking it up.

Razy finished fourth place which isn’t a bad shout and beat out his main competition in the Semi’s called Michael something or other. I forget it last name, I just remember he was French.

All I kept thinking while watching Razy is how can he walk without a limp with some of the things he does with his body. Especially the matrix move. I tried it once, tore my meniscus.

Spelbound – Gymnastic Dance Troupe

Possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen on Britain’s Got Talent; Spelbound are a gymnastic group aged between 12 to 24. A wide variety of ages these were my second pick to win the show, behind Tobias Mead.

As I said previously Tobias finished 6th and these guys finished first.

Looking back I can see what a fool I’d been; Tobias Mead was good but he wasn’t a touch on these guys. Just wherever you look somethings happening, someones standing on someones head, being thrown in the air, doing backflips. Simply put it was a perfect audition and they deserved to win the fourth series. The group went on to perform for the Royal Family and then the Olympics numerous times last year.

And there you have my all time top five dance acts of Britain’s Got Talent. Which ones your favourite?


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