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Hey all, long time no speak right?

Who am I? Why are you following me? Where have you been?

Just some of the many questions you must have racing through your mind at the moment.

Well quite frankly, I’ve been away doing life things for the last couple of years, a couple of failed attempts at writing a novel, currently trying to learn how to be a web site designer and programmer; moving in with the misses, new job, travelling, all the excited and boring things you might expect.

What I am trying to do with my beautiful girl Lucie is create a news and entertainment blog/website called theSponge. We’re new, we’re starting from scratch and we want to eventually earn money from this.

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PridePeople that have known me for some years know that it’s pretty common knowledge that I have in my life so far had a lot of jobs. I know people that have had just as many, people that may have only had one or two. How many in total have I had? Not even I know that answer as some of them don’t even appear on my CV.

I’ve mentioned previously that I tend to get bored easily at what I’m doing and then I start to piss around, subconsciously trying to self sabotage myself which results in me having to find new work either by my choice or theirs. I put it down to the fact that I just didn’t know what I wanted to do in life.

I originally started out as a cleaner at Chesterfield College before moving onto a full time job at a horrific paperboard packaging company; eventually leaving there and working in an electronics factory. From there I’ve done data entry, glass packing, I was a gardener at a covenant, hotel receptionist, outbound sales, kitchen porter in France, customer service advisor and even door to door sales for about four days.

A lot of them have been temporary jobs just to get me by until the next opportunity came along and it wasn’t that I was really all that bad at work; in fact in most cases I excelled at everything I did. Having such a wide variety of job roles over the years has given me the ability to pick things up quickly. And while I tried my best in everything I did; the only thing I haven’t gotten from any of those is pride. Continue reading “Pride”

New Job!

i-cant-keep-calm-because-i-got-a-new-jobSo you may have noticed that I had mentioned that I may be getting a new job elsewhere over the last couple of posts. I had recently found out that I’ll definitely be moving jobs next month!

At the moment I do IT Support for Royal Mail and while it was challenging when I first started it’s just repetitive now and not something I enjoy doing. Not to mention that the company I work for isn’t great, management barely have a clue and as for the career aspirations, pretty much non-existant where I am now, the only thing I could look forward to is training up on another account and eventually doing both at the same time for no more money.

I was lucky when I arrived to have such a wealth of knowledge to learn from however all of those people have now left and gone on to bigger and better things, there’s very few left that know more than I do on the helpdesk now. While I kind of like being the person people go to for help I think I’ve gotten everything I want out of that place and it’s time to move on myself.

The job I’ll be doing is a lot more technical with regards to resolving issues, rather than logging support tickets to other resolver teams which is what the place I’m at now is more focused.
Continue reading “New Job!”

New Beginnings

Holy crap, it’s been a whole week since I actually did anything on WordPress! As you might have already guessed, I started my new job on Monday. It was difficult in more ways than one. Mainly getting back into a normal sleeping pattern.

I’ve been hidden away in solitary for pretty much the last four months, trying to find work, not really being able to afford doing anything, apart from you know, the Olympics, Leeds Fest, Scotland etc etc but I digress.

Now I have work I have a reason to get up in the morning. Monday and Tuesday were pretty bad as I fell asleep at 7pm, tired from the amount of information that’s been forced into my brain. Woke up at 11pm and struggled to get to sleep for the rest of the night making me extremely tired the following morning.

By Wednesday I sorted my shit out and went to bed a little later. So different than going to bed at 10am and waking up late evening let me tell you!
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Looking To The Future

With everything that’s been going on recently, I have a bit of a surprise today when a job agency who I’ve never dealt with before, based in Chesterfield found my details and gave me a call about a couple of positions that may be of interest.

I said to the lady that I would only be interested in permanent, full time positions and only if they were of equal or more pay to what I’m getting now. The CV they had was about two years old as they still had me working at Ibis Hotel, which I left in 2010; the first job she offered me was a touch typing position for about £500 a year more than what I’m getting now. A job I know I definitely can do, she asked me if I could type around 70 words a minute, the last typing test I did I’m around 85 words a minute so I said that’s not a problem.

Plus if that’s all I’m doing, typing, how sweet is that going to be? Not having to deal with angry customers on a daily basis. I sent her an updated CV with my recent jobs on there and she e-mailed me back asking me to give her a call as she also has another job I may be interested in. Not sure what that is yet but I sure hope it’s not customer service. Continue reading “Looking To The Future”

How Do You Like Me Now?

As we draw to an end of my 60 hour week, with the last day tomorrow morning (In 8 hours actually) I’m actually in good spirits today surprisingly. Today was meant to be a day off but they drafted me in anyway on a 8:30 – 5pm shift, that entire day I just remember being in a good mood.

Quite a difference from yesterday where I was actually near to tears at yet another failure. That entire day I was just depressed, I didn’t want to talk to anyone and no one spoke to me (apart from customers and stores of course). Today was different though due to the fact that stuff got done. It was weird finishing at 5, it had been so long. The day didn’t really end their though as I had to deliver a customers order to Sheffield personally to make sure she got it before the weekend when she needed it for. She was extremely happy and grateful and it actually made it all worth it.

Straight after then I decided to treat my brother and his wife to dinner and took them to Frankie and Bennie’s. A sort of Italian restaurant.

It was there where I saw a lot of familiar faces at another table just as I was leaving. All the people I used to work for years ago.
Continue reading “How Do You Like Me Now?”

Winds Of Change


Today was kind of a big day at work. Following up from yesterdays statement that the company I work for had been sold (For the second time in a year no less) the new joint owners, the former owner, the financial director and the operations director had every department in their boardroom today separately for a little discussion on what things had gone wrong and what could be done.

Meanwhile I was in no mood for any shit today, considering I woke up to a text message from my best friend at work Michelle only to say that she’s leaving at the end of the month because she can’t concentrate on passing her exams for her degree while she’s working here.

She had already cut her hours back by eliminating working Friday (which I have to do, meaning this week I’ll be working a total of 59.5 hours). Needless to say my heart was in my throat reading that. I couldn’t be more gutted, we were so close in school and for us to be reunited at a new job was almost like a dream come true. Continue reading “Winds Of Change”

The Head Office

If Only I worked In A Head Office Like This...

On my one day off I’ve done nothing but sleep today it seems. Wednesday on my first 12 and a half hour shift I was stressed, I had 8 orders I needed to be sent out that day, three other items that I needed to get sent out that were physically on my desk and countless orders to chase.

Needless to say it was a very stressful day at the office that day. There was much shouting coming from my mouth and when I shout, people listen due to the “booming voice” that I have. I’m like a white Barry White.

Thursday I was given the day off (and I was still busy that day) which I didn’t want because I wanted to work with Michelle, she only does three days a week and we work well as a team when she’s in. But alas I wasn’t there, she had a terrible day and told me that she wants to quit and go elsewhere. I convinced her to stay. Then Friday it was another 12 and a half hour shift and I was left with all the work Michelle didn’t complete the day before because she wasn’t getting the support she needed from the new manager.

So I have a stack of paper an inch thick to wade through as soon as I got in. I didn’t even have the energy to get stressed. My manager asked me what was wrong and my reply was, “I’m just… broken.” Continue reading “The Head Office”


When Michelle text me asking me how work was - This was my response

Just an update on what’s going on. You know things are bad when work cuts into your blogging time! Basically all things are go and it appears that I may have even less online time in the coming weeks.

The sales managers last day is tomorrow and while I’ll miss him because he genuinely makes me laugh and he bigs me up to higher management all the time, telling them I’m the future of the sales department (even though I’m taking a detour first it seems). But at the same time you could tell that he didn’t really care about his job and he was mainly there to get paid.

I’m interested to see what happens when he’s replaced with the current Customer Service manager because it seems like he actually cares. The thing is it now impacts me considerably because we were discussing the current rota and we simply don’t have enough staff to cover at all times. Continue reading “Overtime”


Random photo of me being 'Ard

Sorry for my absense this entire week, it’s already Friday and it only seems like it was five minutes ago since I was getting back from London. This week has been mental at work, rather than having a day unpaid I decided to work an extra day this week and I’ve swapped Saturday for Sunday due to going to see Noel Gallagher Sunday. So that’s six straight days, at least there’s only one more day left!

So much stuff has gone down in such a short amount of time it’s unreal. Basically my manager has gotten a new job elsewhere which is a shame because he was a guy that always made you laugh and calmed you down when you were angry. But of course if you can find a higher paying job then you should go for it. So he’s going the middle of next week.

Which of course makes his Customer Care Manager the new sales and e-commerce manager meaning at some point I’ll undoubtedly become the new Customer Care Manager and they’ve been trying to speed train me on everything. And I’ve been trying to pick it up as quick as possible because the customer care manager, while being great with customers isn’t all that great with his colleagues as he’s often snappy when any of us ask him something. Continue reading “…Promotion?”