Music Monday – Summertime!

SummertimeOnTheBeachAnother week closer to death has gone by and boy do I feel like it with this heat at the moment. Sat next to this skinny girl at work today who was cold but she’s rate thin so she’s gonna be cold all the time; kept moaning coz I had the fan on. Sorry but I’m built for winter so it’s staying on!

Spent the weekend at one of my team leaders’ house having a barbie Q and generally just getting burnt in the sun. Don’t know what it is about the heat that makes people think they should go outside; you sit there sweating, uncomfortable then you go back inside and a day later you’re burnt to fuck. Not to mention BBQ’s! Who wants to eat hot food on a hot day? If anything we should be having BBQ’s when we’re covered in snow, a few degree’s below and you’re gonna be in the mood for some hot food and there’s no flying bugs trying to attack you.

In any case I was socialable and it was an excellent weekend; got absolutely hammered like only I can and of course I’m burnt to fuck. Voice is still no better because it turns out I’ve a lump in my throat that’s pushing against my larynx which is the cause of this bloody pervy voice of mine; gotta go to the doctors for that tomorrow, sitting next to a bunch of incontinent old women in the waiting room is keeping me from being in the gym. Last time I went to the docs it was for a bum exam, now he’s gonna stick that finger in my mouth :S

Anyway as it’s truly summer now (Considering it’s been snowing and hammering it down with rain for the last 6 months) I thought I’d share some of my favourite Summertime music, music that you need to have blasting out of your car when you’re perving on those scantily clad women.
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Music Monday – Stereophonics

stereophonicsI know it’s been a few months since my last Music Monday and that’s because there weren’t many bands/singers I felt like writing about but I’ve spent the last few weeks or so trying to find new bands and new music rather than the same old stuff I play on iTunes every week.

Came across Stereophonic’s new album recently and it reminded me how good they actually are so I began to listen to some of their older stuff and it brought the memories flooding back.

The front man Kelly Jones has the look of someone you’d like to have a pint with; no doubt he’d have no problem with the ladies being the handsome man he is; it’s just a shame that when he opens his mouth the only thing that comes out is a Welsh accent. You can look as cool as you want, have the gratey, husky voice you do but if you have a Welsh accent you’ve shot it.

I just pretend Kelly J doesn’t have a Welsh accent and I refrain from listening/watching any interviews with him involved and then he can remain the coolest man in the world.
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Music Monday – Movie Trailer Music

greimI thought I’d actually write a post for once before my blog is totally devoid of viewers. Would I say I’m feeling refreshed? Not really; I think it’s actually having a job and the fact that I swallow endless amounts of energy drink a day to cope that really takes it out of me. That and having to get up super early to get *shudder* the bus to work.

Eleanor has been at the garage now for an entire week, that’s an entire week without driving! Whether the poor girl even gets mended or whether I go ahead and buy my friends Celica it’s still going to be awhile.

I swear I nearly caught Typhoid from some old bint sat behind me the other day. Why are people so disgusting? Then today some mental kept waving and smiling at everyone and kept staring at me, I was this close to gouging out his eyes with my thumbs. A horrible image I know but that’s the kind of mood I was in.

Anyway more on bus journeys later; I thought I’d do something different for this weeks Music Monday and talk about music that appears in movie trailers.

As we all know an important part of a movie trailer is the music that’s in the background, when it’s especially awesome it catches your attention and makes you want to watch said movie that much more.
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Music Monday – Hannah Dorman

HannahDormanWhat’s going on people? I’m currently writing this on Sunday night mostly because I’m being proactive so I either had a really rubbish day at work or I had an awesome snow day as it’s currently pelting it down with it outside.

The thing that annoys me with snow is every one seems to be totally shocked at the sight of it, like an unevolved tribesman seeing a plane flying past for the first time. Despite the fact that we’ve seen snow at least once every year since the day we were born people feel the need to go on Facebook and type out some inane update like “OMGWTFBBQROFLCOPTER! ITS TOTES SNOWING OUTSIDE! I CANT BELEEVE IT!!!”. Yeah thanks for that, but I do indeed have a window.

Anyway I’m going to do something different for this weeks Music Monday as someone recently sent me a copy of their EP and asked me if I’d like to review it on my blog before it gets released in February.

You know you’re hitting big time when people are wanting you to review their stuff, it must mean I’m pretty great or something. I googled her name as soon as she asked and I came across her website and listened to some of her music that she has on there. Simply put she has an awesome voice so I jumped at the chance. Though you’ll have to forgive me if my review isn’t up to par, I’m used to talking about what I know haha.

So this week rather than talk about someone established I’ll be talking about an up and comer whose trying to make a name for herself without having to go on some poxy reality show which always scores big points in my book.
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Music Monday – Tim Minchin

minchinI thought I would go a different route this week and talk about someone that you don’t see in the music charts but definitely deserves to be as he’s more talented than half the jokes that we hear on the radio these days.

I also thought it’d be cool to talk about Minchin as he’s just recently starred in the newest episode of Californication which aired yesterday; I haved seen the episode yet so I don’t know how big his part was, whether he was in it for a while or just for a few seconds but if you did watch Californication (and why wouldn’t you?) and you were wondering who the guy who plays Atticus Fetch is; his name is Tim Minchin and he’s a comic genius with his crazy ginger hair and guyliner.

Originally hailing from Australia he spends a lot of his time over in England touring around Britain; selling out arenas; I know he’s huge in both countries, I finally managed to get to see him at Leeds Festival a couple of years ago.

I’m not sure how big he is over in America, mainly because I don’t live there but I can only imagine he’s pretty well known there too.

I remember seeing his first appearance on American Television when he was on Conan’s show and when I say I remember, I mean I just watched it on YouTube five minutes ago.
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Music Monday – Jason Mraz

mrazBack to business as usual as by the way today at work has gone, the holidays are well and truly over. Everyone’s back to work and everyone seemed to had forgotten their passwords for their computer because being off work for more than two days obviously wiped any memory they previously had.

It occurs to me that I’ll eventually run out of good artists to feature and then I’ll struggle to post but luckily that day isn’t upon me as I bring you the ever so graceful Jason Mraz.

I literally only found out today that he’d brought out a new album, having been a massive fan of his previous one it seems only fitting that I feature him this week. As you know, I am broke. While I’m sure I’ll be a millionaire at some point in the future for now I have to ride out the waves of being poor and that includes no more going to the pub at lunch; I’ve taken to just sitting in my car and reading and having a listen to the radio.

Naturally there’s a lot of shit on the radio but I heard a song that caught my attention, I’d heard it before but never knew who it was by; turns out it’s Mraz’s first single off of his recent album hence today’s post.
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Music Monday – New Years Eve


I was going to do a full fledged Music Monday post now as I’ll be in Brighton tomorrow after work and considering I missed last weeks due to it being Christmas Eve and I was busy getting drunk but I haven’t thought about who I’d write about and I need to be up for work in three and a half hours.

I knew sleeping until 3pm Sunday afternoon would screw me over; I’ve been trying to prepare my fancy dress for Rocky Horror Picture Show, I’m dressing up as Eddie, Meatloaf’s character. Stick any fat guy in a sleeveless leather coat and you’re bound to look similar to him.

Can’t believe we’re just one day away from this year ending already, it’s literally felt like it’s flown by this year; spending a third of it out of work has probably attributed to it. Only seems like yesterday I was taking shit about a three centre metre rip in a fucking tent ha!

This will more than likely (definitely) be the final post of 2012 from me so I hope you all have an awesome New Years Eve, get drunk, be happy and let’s kick off 2013 with a bang. I’ll leave you with a song from my future wife Zooey Deschanel and the awesome Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Reply to their question in the comments. 🙂

Music Monday – James Arthur

jamesarthurI’m ill, I’ve got a cold. Or perhaps even man flu. But despite that I’m in a good mood. “Why’s that?” you may be asking yourselves. Well quite simply put I’ve finally completed the first draft of Ascensionem De Insania, the novel I wrote for NaNo. There’s so much more that I want to add and change but at least I finally have the outline planned out. I’m feeling good about this one. I won’t be letting this one sit on the shelf for six months like Twist of Hate.

Anyway enough about me. I was thinking about a few people to feature today but decided to settle on James Arthur, winner of this years X Factor UK. I know what you’re thinking, “reality shows are shit!” and you’re right they are but they do actually feature some pretty talented people.

The moment I saw this guy perform he was my pick to win the whole thing, no question. He just has the look and the voice plus he knows how to actually play an instrument so he has the whole package in my eyes. He was trying to make a better life for himself as he’s had a pretty crappy one so far. (But haven’t they all?) He came out and sang one of the judges; Tulisa’s songs which before now was nothing but some shit party dance anthem. James showed his real talent as he actually made this a song worth listening to.
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Music Monday – Glen Hansard

HansardAlmost forgot about doing tonight’s post; too busy sulking about my legs and feet. How selfish of me. But never fear I have remembered and I’ve found someone who definitely deserves showcasing.

I’ve previously featured people like Damien Rice whose only done two albums but is still pretty widely known and yeah he’s awesome but there are definitely people who have worked a lot harder and still don’t have the fame they deserve.

Glen Hansard hales from Dublin, Ireland and has been apart of the Irish rock band The Frames since 1990. It took 17 years for me to know who he was and that was only because of a chance viewing on the Academy Awards, something which I never watch but decided to that year in ’07. I saw him win an Academy Award for Best Original Song for a song he’d written for a film he stars in.

The film is called Once and is just about the life of a busker (and we all know how much I love buskers) on the streets of Dublin who meets a girl whose also interested in music; the two become friends and start making music together. The plot is really simple, it only cost $160,000 to make and it ended up earning over $20m.

Usually wouldn’t be my sort of film but this definitely was and you won’t regret watching it if you ever decide to.
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Music Monday – Mumford & Sons

mumfordProving that I am still current within the music scene and I don’t just sit around listening to songs that got me into rock music, I’ve been looking forward to talking about this band for awhile now mainly because it gives me a reason to listen to their music while I write this.

Mumford & Sons, lead by the amazingly talented Marcus Mumford came to be in 2007 and released their first album two years later entitled Sigh No More; they played Leeds and Reading Festival a year later in 2010, a festival I was at but missed out on seeing them because I hadn’t heard of them before and made the drastic mistake of watching Queens of the Stone Age instead; sure they were good but I now realize how much I missed out.

Their first single from the first album proved to be a massive hit and was only a sign of things to come from the band.
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