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Well quite frankly, I’ve been away doing life things for the last couple of years, a couple of failed attempts at writing a novel, currently trying to learn how to be a web site designer and programmer; moving in with the misses, new job, travelling, all the excited and boring things you might expect.

What I am trying to do with my beautiful girl Lucie is create a news and entertainment blog/website called theSponge. We’re new, we’re starting from scratch and we want to eventually earn money from this.

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Sometimes You Have To Be Up Really High…

…To realise how small you are.

Truer words have never been spoken, unless you live in complete ignorance you’ll have heard about today’s record breaking 128,000 feet skydive out of a hot air balloon by Austrian mental case Felix Baumgartner.

“Why’s he a mental case?” You may ask, well let’s face it, anyone that thinks about skydiving from space can’t have full control over his faculties surely. Still, I am in awe of this man, what he accomplished on this day is the most significant thing that’s happened in human history since Neil Armstrong’s moon landing.

Some people, people like you and me are made to just live life, take whatever shit comes their way and do their best to overcome it. We’re here to just exist and for the most part we’re happy with that. But then there are people like Felix who wants to test humanities abilities, to find out what we’re really capable of.
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You Shouldn’t Be In This Country (Because You’re Too Good For It)

In the news over the past week there’s been news reports in England that there was a woman on a tram somewhere in London hurling racist remarks at people.

The video was shot by a passenger on the tram secretly filming her as she described her hatred for black people, brown people and Polish people, basically anyone that isn’t white and English all while she was holding her young child on her knee.

Absolutely disgusting behaviour I think, actively being racist just for the purpose of being racist to people that haven’t done anything to you and to people that don’t know you is so ignorant it’s unreal and hurling all this abuse while holding a young child?! Get the fuck out.

But this video is funny, not “Haha you’re so funny” funny but “Haha you’re definitely getting stabbed” funny and I hope she does.
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Evolution Has Sanity Meltdown

My poor attempt at writing a news headline, most of today has been spent surfing the net, I say most of today… I mean most of every because I never have that much on at work.

I’ve been looking at The Sun newspaper website today and it just annoys me how much the media will scrape anything for a story, when it doesn’t actually tell us anything.

Like for instance “The One Where Matthew Perry From Friends Fame Was caught Walking To The Shop For A Can of Red Bull” and he wasn’t dressed like a celebrity should be! *GASP* What kind of monster is this man?

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The Smoking Ban

So on the news recently there’s been a lot of talk of trying to ban smoking in cars, the thought process of this is that coupled with the fumes cars produce it’s “23% more dangerous” than it usually is. Where they even get this number from is beyond my thought process, do they just select the most unlucky number in the universe and apply it to anything they want?

I can tell you one thing for certain, this number is bullshit. It’s made up, there’s no possible way they can put such an exact percentage on something like that, if fumes from cars is so dangerous why not ban driving? They’re certainly going the right way about it by wanting to raise the petrol prices YET AGAIN at the beginning of next year.

If smoking is so dangerous and the government cared one iota about the publics health then they’d make it illegal to smoke at all, stop putting these bans everywhere. I have smoked since I was 16, that’s ten years now, ten years ago you used to be able to smoke in pubs and clubs, anywhere you want, now it’s hard to imagine any such thing even existed. In 2006 the smoking ban hit pubs hard because people stood outside most of the time, a majority of the customers were outside, non smokers alike as they stood with their smoker friends.

At first it was hard, I hated the smoking ban, now I’m used to it, it’s so much better standing in a pub without a cloud of toxic smoke hanging above your head, not going home with a tight chest at the end of the night, sucking the oxygen out of the room. The smoking ban was a good thing. Continue reading “The Smoking Ban”

“Can’t Find Work Because I’m Under 25” Shut Up You Time Wasting Tits

While I was driving home from work today, the wind trying to blow me into the car at the side of me on the motorway, one news article gets repeated over and over and has been for awhile now, it’s starting to grate on my fucking nerves now.

Every ten minutes it seems I’m hearing about how unemployment is on the rise for people under 25, constantly moaning how they can’t find work no matter how hard they try. My advice is, try harder. I’m constantly hearing about these people that have left school and now can’t find work and it really pisses me off when I hear the phrase, “There’s no jobs out there at the moment”.

That’s utter bullshit, this past year alone I’ve had different jobs and even though for one reason or another five of those have ended that’s not the point, the point is there are jobs out there. You’re just not looking hard enough, if you were really that desperate to work you would do the first thing that comes along.

Now I’ll admit the Job Centre is a pile of shit, not once have I ever gotten a job through them and it’s very rare I’ve ever gotten benefits money (I hate benefits anyway, to be classed as the same sort of shit stain of society that stands outside said Job Centre drinking a can of Stella.) from them too. Job agencies are the way to go, you have to keep trying, every day. When I was out of work I pretty much spent the entire day looking for work.

One of the idiots that was on the radio said he started some scheme at college that teaches them wood work and other skills, said it was hard to get up at 8am, didn’t think he could do it. Well that’s why you can’t find a job because you’re sleeping through the entire day. I had those days myself I’ll admit and I know first hand that you have less chance getting an interview for a job at 2pm than you would applying for the same job at 8am.
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So I heard on the news this morning while driving to work that the man that founded Apple had died at the age of 56, Steve Jobs unlike most people in the news today was an extremely remarkable man and the world has gotten that little bit worse now that he has died.

A lot of people think that he’s just the man that was in charge of Apple but you couldn’t be further from the truth, he was the founder of Apple computers way back in the early 1970s and by the time he was my age, 26, he was a multi-millionaire. But due to the way he conducted himself at work he was relieved of his duties and fired from the company he created in his parents garage at just the age of 30.

Did he wallow at losing his own company? Did he go into despair? No he did not he got straight back on the horse and started up NeXT Computer later on in the same year he was fired from Apple. Not only that but he bought the computer graphics division of LucasArts the next year, that company soon became known as Pixar who has made some of the greatest computer generated movies ever. While he was away from Apple, they started rapidly losing money and it was only when they bought out NeXT from Steve Jobs when things were going to change.

Jobs became in control of Apple again with his second company being purchased by the first and it took him almost a decade to make that company profitable again. Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy before Steve came back and the fact that he took it straight back up to the top says a lot about that man. Yeah he may have weird ways of managing his company, people complained that he demanded perfection, but why shouldn’t he? Why should he have to produce shoddy technology when he knows it’s well in his ability to produce the best that can possibly be produced?
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News and Politics

Today has been mostly politic and news orientated, all day, driving to work, looking at news websites and driving home with the radio on all I hear is how Amanda Knox has been released from jail after four years after she was accused of killing some British bird whose name I don’t even know. To be honest I’m starting to get pretty sick of hearing about it already, good for her, another crazy bitch has been released.

The Italians were not happy about the release because they are not convinced that she didn’t do it and rightfully so as when the police were called to the place where her roommate had been murdered she was doing handstands and various other strange behavior… Really?! You could say it was shock but come on, if your so called “best friend” was murdered would you be doing handstands? I know I wouldn’t, I would suspect at that point she was mentally unable, I’m not saying she did do it but she must have been involved.

She was released after the evidence had been tampered with before the first court case where she was put away, but the Italian’s apparently tried to make it stick to her, you sneaky Italians you! The main part of the evidence was the DNA on the body and the conflicting stories between Knox and the Italian she was fucking while she was over there.
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Stop Shifting Blame

Currently making the rounds around the news world is this headline…

Father will fight Facebook in court over ‘suggestive’ photos of girl, 12

The full story can be found Here but basically it’s about a father trying to sue Facebook because his 12 year old daughter has been posting slutty photos of herself on Facebook. The terms and conditions of Facebook states that only people over the age of 13 can use Facebook but as we all know, we all lied on these sort of these when we were that age.
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