Be your own best friend

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I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends in life.

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Love yourself

Courage Truth Love

heart-700141_960_720It’s easy for me to write posts about things that I need to work on – my need to let go of control, balance myself out more in life, stop being so selfish, meditate more, move my body, say sorry more, stop being so stubborn, focus less on my physical appearance and more on my internal self, be more physical…and that’s just a few moments of me opening the floodgates for a few moments…geez!

I find it a lot harder, however, to talk about and acknowledge what I am good at and why I love myself. Writing this post has been torture, I’ve walked away several times, watched some trash TV and found myself focusing on any distraction to avoid writing out it. Not to mention nearly stopping several times because of the thoughts in my mind:

People will think you’re so vain talking about why you love yourself

You’ve got such…

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How do you want to feel?

Follow this beautiful human being! Amy is one of my best friends, probably the complete opposite to what I am which is maybe why we get on so well. She’s just started blogging so you should read up on what she’s doing. 🙂

Courage Truth Love

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In 2015, I organised a talent programme at work to support staff who had ideas about how to improve the organisation but didn’t necessarily have the contacts or clout to put them into action. It was an amazing experience and such a privilege to witness the growth of so many members of staff.

Yesterday was the feedback session; a time for these people to get together and consider how they could keep the momentum of growth going in their personal and professional lives. In this session, I introduced the participants to Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map.

I’ve found Danielle’s work to be really vital in my development over the past year. It’s a process where you explore and decide how you want to feel in life and you let your daily decisions be governed by whether your choices will bring more of what you want to feel into your life. Danielle calls these feelings ‘core desires’…

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Happy Birthday To Me…

yeahboiSo I felt like writing this because I have all of this action running around in my head.

It all started on Thursday 31st of July – the day of one of my good friends wedding, some friends had come back to Chesterfield to attend, a friend who lives in China, friends who live in Brighton, a good night was had, an awesome wedding took place.

While we were there it was realized that my birthday’s on Sunday (today) so they decided that we were having a night out in Chesterfield on Saturday.

I’m not usually a guy who likes to drink round Chesterfield, I find that the doormen are too full of themselves and think they can do what they want, the other patrons are also keen to get in trouble to assert their dominance, I have no need of this at my age. I’ve been through all of that. I just wanted a good night.

So we went out, saw some old friends, a few of us went into the town centre and sure enough the first pub we happened to walk into, trouble kicked off.

Near the windows they have these doors that are blocked off by a railing, I decided I wanted to join a friend for a cigarette so I hopped over the railing rather than go out the main door, the bouncer promptly came over and told me I wasn’t allowed back inside, I didn’t really care because the place was a shit hole anyway (Aruba incase anyone from Chez reads this). My friend reached over the little barrier to grab a swig of his drink, not really allowed but didn’t deserve the bouncer storming over, snatching the pint from his hand and pouring it all over his shoes.
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How Little Time We Have

I always moan how time has seemed to have flown and how I fear old age; but if I reach old age I’ll be a pretty lucky individual.

There aren’t many things that get me teary eyed these days but the below video about a 9 year old wrestling fan who died of cancer recently. It really makes you think about how precious time actually is and not to squander it.

R.I.P Connor.