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Hey all, long time no speak right?

Who am I? Why are you following me? Where have you been?

Just some of the many questions you must have racing through your mind at the moment.

Well quite frankly, I’ve been away doing life things for the last couple of years, a couple of failed attempts at writing a novel, currently trying to learn how to be a web site designer and programmer; moving in with the misses, new job, travelling, all the excited and boring things you might expect.

What I am trying to do with my beautiful girl Lucie is create a news and entertainment blog/website called theSponge. We’re new, we’re starting from scratch and we want to eventually earn money from this.

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Luckiest Man In The World

ThankYouWhile I write this, I must admit that I am currently quite intoxicated; I had attended a work friends wedding where I some how managed a jagerbomb, two pints of bitter and 9 Jack Daniels and cokes on an empty stomach. I know; you must think me a legend, you wouldn’t be mistaken.

However as a result of that I find the room spinning and writing this is all I can do to stop me from wasting £40 worth of drinks. It’s also at this stage where I feel quite sentimental, Pete Howorth, the ‘Ardest man that ever lived, feeling sentimental; shocking right?

I don’t know if anyone reads this anymore but it helps me get things off of my mind and it’ll probably help me sleep better, anyway you never know what a drunk Pete will say. (Only to more than likely regret it in the morning)

But it’s these sort of times where I realise that I am lucky to be the person who I am. I live a life where my brains constantly switched on, so much so that I probably only average three to four hours of sleep a night just because for one reason or another I lay awake at night constantly second guessing every single thing I did that day. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I’ve made so many mistakes over the years; I try and make sure I don’t repeat history.
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FIFTY Thousand

As you can see by the above I’ve written over 8,000 words today. I hit 40,000 words three days ago, took Friday off and only managed to write 1,600 words yesterday due to laziness and whatnot. So I decided I’d make up for it today. I’ve spent a good six hours writing up to the point of what I consider to be the penultimate chapter of this book I’m writing.

The more I wrote today the closer I got to the 50,000 words target and the more drive I had to get closer to the mark. With every word I wrote I could sense victory and it got to the point where I was that much in the zone, I was so involved with the story I was writing that I’d carry on until I at least hit the big 50. That one last push if you will. The books not finished for me yet, there’s at least one more chapter to write until I consider the story finished and I have a plan in mind on how I’m going to accomplish that.

Once that’s done I’m going to go back to see where I can extend the shorter chapters and maybe even another couple chapters here and there. Unlike the first book I wrote earlier this year, I’m extremely proud of what I’ve written here and the length of time it’s taken me to write it. I had my doubts when I started seven days late and to think I was actually thinking of dropping out!

I’m so glad I didn’t and I thank everyone that’s been reading my updates that’s given me the drive to continue on.

In front of me is an open door; the guards drag me to the door and throw me inside. I hit the floor but it doesn’t hurt as the floor seems to be padded. They pin me to the ground, unstrap my legs and walk out of the cell shutting the door behind them.

I get straight to my feet and run at the door, kicking it as furiously as I could.

“Let me out of here! Oi! I said let me out! I haven’t done anything!” I scream.

Larry appears at the small window on the door. He mouths the words “I’m sorry” and holds up his hand, in it he holds a button. He pushes the button and the room begins to fill with gas.

“Larry please! Please! You’re better than this!” I plead but it’s no use, he walks away leaving me with just the blinding light beaming down upon me. I continue beating against the cell door but it just felt like kicking a pillow. I wasn’t getting anywhere. The room quickly fills with gas as I see them dragging Gabriel past and thrown into the cell next door it sounds like as the door slams.

The gas kind of makes me feel a little bit sick as I try to think why I was even in here in the first place. I could feel things slipping away from me little by little. I tried to keep a hold of one thing, one thing they could never take away from me. Alexandria.

“Alexandria, Alexandria, Alexandria…” I say over and over to myself. Everything else began to disappear. “Alexandria, Alexandria, Alexand…er? No, no! Alexandria!”

I begin to get light headed and collapse to the floor; “Alexandria… Alex… Al… Oh my God, everything is slipping away, come on Luke! Wait that’s not my name. Al…ex?” I sigh knowing that my memory was all but gone. “I love you, forever and always.” I say to the bright light above, My eyelids get increasingly heavy as I struggle to keep them open; I finally give it up and let them drop and soon after that… lose consciousness.

Forty Thousand

I love this part of the competition, when you open a blank document at the beginning of the month it seems like such a daunting task. You’ve got to write 50,000 words and you’ve not even started.

Imagine how I felt when I was seven days late to start, I definitely thought about just dropping my name from the hat and not bothering but I’m glad I did.

You get a great feeling when you reach your first 10,000 words as you’ve barely begun to even start and you’ve got all these ideas, then when you reach half way you begin to wonder if you have enough material to last another 25,000 words. When you somehow manage to reach 40,000 you’re basically already a winner, it’s just a matter of finding ways of wrapping up the story although in my case it’s supposed to go quite a bit longer than 50,000 but I’m still running strong I think.

Just another 9,872 words, the light is finally at the end of the tunnel.

Not having much of a social life has definitely helped. I go to work for 8 hours, come home, have dinner, watch TV, write, go to bed. Doesn’t sound much of an exciting life at the moment but it’s cold outside and I have no money so what is a man to do?

Once I complete NaNo 2012 I’ll more than likely not take part in it again, I just wanted to win Camp NaNo and the actual NaNoWriMo in one year, not only have I proved I can write a 50,000 word novel in a month but I’ve done it twice in one year.

Yeah I’m pretty awesome.

Anyway look forward to the big Fifty Thousand post which I’m sure will be up in the next few days!

She could have benefited greatly had she met Lucius; she could have had a new leg and I wouldn’t have had to pick her up every time she had a bath. Always wetting my clothes…

Though it only seems like a few minutes I begin to regain consciousness; my head sure did feel funny and my arms ached quite a bit. To do the operation Lucius would have had to pretty much butcher my arms to get the implants in but thanks to modern technology I’d be left with no scars.

“Wakey wakey.” I hear Lucius whisper into my ear as my eyes try to regain focus of the real world. I try and reply but my throat is dry, Larry was soon at hand though with a glass of water; he places the straw in my mouth and I sip.

“I can’t move my arms.” I announce fearing the worst.

“Well no of course you can’t, we had to amputate.” Lucius replies.

My eyes shoot open but before I can yell anything at him he interjects.

“Hahaha! I’m just kidding, should have seen the look on your face! No your arms had to be restrained to ensure I didn’t fuck up you daft bastard.”

I had never felt so much relief in my life.

Thirty Thousand

At last! Thirty thousand, two fifths of the competition remain and I’m feeling pretty good so far, like I’ve still got so much left to say. I did plan to get to thirty thousand on Friday but sleeplessness finally caught up to me and on Saturday I was out drinking, killing some braincells so I’ve had to wait until today.

I must say that I’ve enjoyed writing this a lot more than I did the first novel I wrote; Twist of Hate back in June for Camp NaNoWriMo.

It’s not as dark as Twist of Hate was, sure there’s just as much violence but the characters and the dialogue is a lot more light hearted. Twist of Hate was a lot more doom and gloom and good things rarely happen; so it got a little depressing to write. Plus it was the first time I’d written anything of that length so I was still new to all of this.

This time I’d like to say I’ve planned ahead and thought of a plan of where I wanted to take this story and where I wanted it to end. But the truth is I haven’t, I knew it’d start off in a padded cell and it’d end up in Ancient Rome but past then I had no clue. I’d just think about what comes next chapter by chapter and so far it’s working out. I’ve now got all of these other characters that I didn’t even envision when I started it.

Trust me when I say planning ahead isn’t always the best option, I’ve been flying through this novel and I didn’t prepare a thing. Where as with Twist of Hate I was stuck for ideas around 30,000 words last time and I had all of the characters thought up and planned out way ahead of time.

Writing on the fly is easy though when you’re a genius like me. (Lolz)

I watched on the monitors as Inmate 157 had just managed to incapacitate one of the guards; I knew Deon would get himself into trouble if he kept abusing the prisoners and now he finally has. I watch on as the inmate walks out into the hall and looks through the window of the cell next to his; this was not going to be good.

“Sir what are we going to do?” Larry asks.

“Send the guards, we can’t afford any escapee’s no matter who it is. Make sure they’re armed and make sure they kill Inmate 157.” I order him.

“But he’s not done anything wrong, all he wants are answers.” Argues Larry, showing sympathy for the inmate.

“Do not forget who he is Larry. Just because he’s had his memory wiped it doesn’t make him any less of the man he used to be. He’s in there for a reason, he knew the risks way ahead of time. Send the guards. Now.”

Twenty Thousand

Just a mere three days after I announced I’d reached 10,000 words for NaNoWriMo I am pleased to announce that I have just cracked 20,000 words. Meaning that after starting the competition seven days late, I am just one day behind.

If I write 3,333 words tomorrow I’ll be back on track.

Work in six hours. Ugh.

 “Good luck.” He says.

Good luck, what sort of thing is that to say after leaving someone stranded two thousand years in the past with no memory. Good luck weren’t the words. ‘You’re screwed’ seemed more apt.

“…Thanks. Do you want him bringing back alive?” I ask.

“I don’t care.” The doctor replies. He pushes one of the buttons and the doors close. The elevator disappears into the floor once more; I light a candle and drop it down the hole after the elevator to see how far it went; but it’d blown out pretty quickly.

Brilliant. A perfectly good candle wasted. It was going to be one of those days.


“I can’t say any more. I’ve already said too much.” He says as we walk into another room. He digs into his pocket and pulls out a set of keys.

“Can I trust you?” He asks. I nod and he proceeds to unlock the chains that currently bounded my wrists and ankles.

“Please get dressed.” He leaves the room.

I put on the toga and then the sandals. This was not convenient. Where did he escape to anyway a fancy dress party? As I adjust the toga the doctor then walks in wearing similar attire; this must be a sordid sex game.

“Are you ready?” The doctor asks.

“…Ready for what?” I counter, almost not wanting to hear the answer.

Didn’t do as much writing as I wanted to yesterday, mainly because I fell asleep. What an idiot. Anyway; I march on. Hopefully hitting 15k before bed time.

Work at 6am tomorrow, what the fuck is that?

Insanity’s Ascension

It’s hard to believe that a year ago I was embarking on my first attempt at a multi-author blog along with DarkJade and PDK. The blog was called One Knight and was a site where we would write some creative stuff and let the world see what we were capable of.

It was before I thought about creating The Writing Asylum, a place where I could post random short stories about things that were floating around in my head.

For the site I started a mini-series entitled Insanity’s Ascension which one year later is due to become the basis for my next novel.

NaNoWriMo is quickly approaching and I haven’t even begun to prepare for it! But I’m still very interested in joining the competition; so I’ll soon start to plan this novel then type until my fingers bleed!

DarkJade has since closed the site but has been kind enough to grant me access so I can grab the stories and post them on The Writing Asylum.

If you’re interested in seeing a glimpse into what I’ll be writing next (Ascensionem De Insania is the tentative title) head on over to Insanity’s Ascension and read them in order. Expanding this into a 90,000 (my personal target) word novel is going to be a challenge but one I’m looking forward to undertaking.

Camp NaNo WriMo – August Edition

Some people have asked me whether I’ll be participating in August’s Camo NaNoWriMo competition after successfully completing the challenge well before time last month, I know Laura is taking part this month because she’s a writing machine, I on the other hand am not.

Who would have thought a year ago I’d be talking about writing my SECOND novel?! Let alone my first, since the completion of Twist of Hate I have yet to even edit it. If anyone is willing to have a go at it for me let me know and I’ll send it you to look at even if you just want to read it, I’ll probably get around to it sooner or later I just haven’t had the drive to do it yet. I want to read it with fresh eyes and forget about everything I’ve written then attempt to have a crack at it.

Twist Of Hate probably isn’t good enough for a publisher to even look at, it’s probably not even good enough to be self published, but *shrugs* maybe I’m just overly critical of my work due to me not having confidence in my own writing.
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National Novel Writing Month

For quite some years there has been a contest called National Novel Writing Month or more commonly known as “NaNoWriMo”. It generally takes place in November to give those people stuck in by the rain something to do. Over the past few days I’ve been reading Laura @ QuillWielder‘s posts on Dark Globe about it.

Although last year the company behind NaNoWriMo started running a summer contest with the same rules, just a different time of year. Looking at the company behind it; Office of Letters and Light I fully agree with their cause. So many people out there including myself have wanted to write a novel. There’s nothing I’d like more than being a full time professional writer and not have to suffer the mundane life pointless jobs bring. Not only do they run these contests in June and November, they hold a script writing competition along the same lines in April and have the Young Writers Program that also runs in November, encouraging our next generation to become creative writers.

The main idea of this contest is to write a 50,000 word novel between the first and last day of the month of June/November, which if you think about it is under 1500 words a day.

Most bloggers will have heard of this competition some way or another; it started with just 21 writers in 1999 and has grown to over 200,000 people taking part as of last year.

Now Laura is an actual author knows what it takes to write a full novel, I have no doubt in my mind that she’ll come up with something pretty amazing and do The Dark Globe proud.

The more I look into this competition the more drive it gives me to actually write something more substantial than what I’ve been writing on Writing Asylum and I have too entered the competition.

I’ve never written a novel before, I’ve always doubted I have what it takes to write a novel but by jove I’m going to give it a shot. Late last year I started a blog called Twist Of Hate which was a serialized novel about a group of characters, I think about this story all the time, how I want it to end, how it can continue etc and I will start off by rewriting what I have written; then I shall finish it off and accomplish the feat of being a NaNoWriMo winner.

In a time where books can be downloaded as easy as music; this is when we should be taking full advantage of being a professional writer.

Being out of work and this competition has given me both the time and drive to accomplish this. I just hope my will power does not fail me and I impress you all with what I have written.