Creative Writing

If there’s one thing I like to do when I’m bored, it’s write, this is a new section where I will post any writing outside of my blog I do.

I will soon attempt at continuing with the novel I started writing about my life and why I turned into a bitter man.


TABULA RASA – My guest blog series on DarkJade’s website, One Knight, about a man blinded by a bright light, trapped, he can’t feel his arms, he can’t remember his name, what’s going on? Who knows! Less frequent series but I’m looking forward to writing more!
AUDI, VIDE, TACE – The second part in the series, still in the padded cell, realizing that he’s not the only one locked away he tries to get answers until he’s brutally knocked unconscious by one of the “wardens”.
CARPE NOCTEM – The third part of the series, realizing he has had enough of being stuck in a room with no contact or answers, he decides it’s time to make his daring escape.
DE FUMO IN FLAMMAM – Part four takes us beyond the cells, beyond the white padded walls, giving a somewhat glimpse in what lies beyond, escape is possible, though it won’t be easy.
DOMUS DULCIS DOMUS – Part five begins with the man getting past most of the guards and getting beaten by more, he does eventually find out where he is, who he is and maybe what he is… If only he knew when he is.

A TRUSTED BETRAYEL – My first attempt at writing a novel, fictional but based on real people, unfortunately after my car was broken into and the notebook with all of the plans I had for this novel was taken (it was in my bag) I lost the passion to carry on writing, but this is the first two chapters and part of Chapter 3. I don’t know if I will continue writing this or just attempt something else in the future.

THE ASCENSION OF MADNESS – My second attempt at writing a novel, I started writing this when I was out of work having been foolish enough to re-join the sales company I previously worked for, I began thinking about how much shit had happened in my life that brought me up to this point. This is the first chapter I’ve written, I plan on continuing with this story. I basically stopped when I began blogging on here, but I’d like to do both.