Random Chatter

A page for if you want to leave me random comments about anything this is the place to do it. If you want to give me suggestions on how to improve the site or just tell me how awesome I am then go for it!


19 thoughts on “Random Chatter”

  1. Ha, I clicked on this to see what it was and got a comment box, which, strangely is what I wanted. I just want to say the new look is pretty cool. Your last theme is one of my least favorite looks for any blog, I don’t know why, but this one looks great!!
    Hope you’re well, Pete! Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Haha this used to have a list of everyones blog I read but I now have that down the side of the blog instead. I just turn this into a random chatter page, I need more suggestions for more pages to have on here, it’s a shame your guest blog thingy never took off 😦

      What the hell is isee.wordpress.com lol, I clicked on it and it’s just a load of Chinese rubbish?! I am well, keep showing people at work your blogs whenever someone moans they’re hungry 😀

      Enjoy your weekend too!!

      1. Hey, I just noticed this reply to my comment. I hate checking the “notify me of follow up posts” because then I get 49 posts from all the people that comment that I don’t know. Am I doing something wrong? Or is that just how it is?
        That iSee blog is a blog I started for photography. But it never took off and I chucked it. I still have it in case I want the name but I haven’t checked on it forever. I should go delete it. I think 2 is enough for me to keep up with. Sometimes I can’t even keep up with the few blogs I follow. I’m a scatter brain. 🙂
        I’m so behind on your story… I try, but I’m so not a reader. When I open it and start reading it I get into it and it goes fast, I just have to get to that point.
        Are you okay, you seem quiet lately. Busy? Bored? Writing?

      2. Oh, and thank you for sending people to P&F. You’re always so supportive. You know I appreciate you!

        1. I think that’s the case as I’m stuck getting replies like that for several others, can’t be arsed to go and unsubscribe though haha, it’s okay about the story read it whenever you have time 😛 it’s picking up now though! Only quiet because I’ve been away on a trip again, photo’s/videos to come soon!!

          And it’s okay, your blog deserves more views than it gets 😛

  2. I also like this Layout, as much of your life as you put on this Blog, you could probably get away with having a Photo Page if you wanted. The Wedding Pics are Great.


  3. Thanks for the shout on my post… And thanks for posting often. You actually inspire me. I got caught up writing short stories for a couple of contests (which I won) and now I’m back to my blog. There’s another competition I wanted to write for, but the deadline is in less than a week and I can’t think wtf I want to write about this time. Oh wee.
    Peace, Annie

    p.s. I love smoking too.

    1. Well you’re probably the first I’ve inspired! Haha, Well done on the contest wins too! You should post them on your blog so others can read them too =)

      Now you’re back I guess ill check back more often.

  4. As a general rule I hat wordpress, but after seeing your blog I’m kind of impressed. I hope I’m not seeing things you paid extra for. I have three blogs two on blogspot. Maybe I just like blogspot because I used it first.

    Liked a lot of your entries (I prefer the word articles)

    1. Thanks very much for the feedback, you certainly aren’t seeing anything that I paid extra for. I don’t see any point in spending anything for my little blog. I started using WordPress first so I suppose this is the reason why I’m loyal to them, stick to what you know eh?

  5. Hi Pete – education is about learning but learning is something that we can (should?) do at our own pace. Of course society shoehorns us into a timetable for learning and that doesn’t suit everyone. However, learning at our own pace brings its own challenges but it can be done. The critical thing is that we never stop learning (my coffin is going to have a charger for my Kindle). I left school at 15 with an ‘O’ Level (the things before GCSEs) in English but succeeded. I won’t say it was easy or that it has got any easier since I left school (all those years ago….). However, it seems that you have a great big fat (excuse the choice of words) streak of creativity in you that you can harness to build a life that satisfies you. In one respect though life has got far easier in that the WWW gives us an opportunity to present the fruits of our creativity onto a world wide stage. Go and be lucky but don’t forget to keep learning.
    Best regards, Tony
    PS I never was very good with instructions….

    1. I agree, GCSE’s mean nothing in the real world, they help when you’re starting out but overall it’s experience that counts. I’m always learning, hopefully I’ll end up doing something I actually love to do rather than stuck in dead end jobs!

      Who needs instructions? We’re men, we figure things out on our own 🙂

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