Luckiest Man In The World

ThankYouWhile I write this, I must admit that I am currently quite intoxicated; I had attended a work friends wedding where I some how managed a jagerbomb, two pints of bitter and 9 Jack Daniels and cokes on an empty stomach. I know; you must think me a legend, you wouldn’t be mistaken.

However as a result of that I find the room spinning and writing this is all I can do to stop me from wasting £40 worth of drinks. It’s also at this stage where I feel quite sentimental, Pete Howorth, the ‘Ardest man that ever lived, feeling sentimental; shocking right?

I don’t know if anyone reads this anymore but it helps me get things off of my mind and it’ll probably help me sleep better, anyway you never know what a drunk Pete will say. (Only to more than likely regret it in the morning)

But it’s these sort of times where I realise that I am lucky to be the person who I am. I live a life where my brains constantly switched on, so much so that I probably only average three to four hours of sleep a night just because for one reason or another I lay awake at night constantly second guessing every single thing I did that day. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I’ve made so many mistakes over the years; I try and make sure I don’t repeat history.
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Old Ways

Random filler photo of me and my brother

Been slacking on the blog front, it’s not as if I’ve even been busy. Just needed time to rest my brain I guess. This weekend I did absolutely fuck all and I mean proper fuck all. I didn’t even get dressed, barely even got out of bed. Just laid there watching Star Trek: Enterprise on my laptop until the early hours.

I think the depression that comes with being unemployed is starting to kick in. I hate job searching, absolutely hate it. I thought to myself I’d hold off until I found something that I wanted to do, but, it seems I can’t afford to wait any longer.

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Where Did This Year Go?

Came in to work I was presented with the team advent calender and I was the first pick to have the chocolates out of the little pocket, a Terrys Chocolate Orange segment and a mini Toblerone. That’s when I realised it was now December, just 24 short days away from Christmas.

If anything that made me depressed, it was like I have lost an entire year, it’s gone by so fast, this time last year, exactly one year ago I was on my way to France via a coach, after leaving Ibis Hotel last year due to not getting enough money or hours I decided to look elsewhere for a job, I ended up a Voice Marketing doing outbound sales.

At the time I pretty much enjoyed it, sure it was depressing not getting any sales and continuously trying to con people into joining but after awhile I got quite good at it and I enjoyed working with the people that I did, a far cry from my 2011 experience with the company. I was happy there because they helped me get out of my overdraft, it was a well paid job, it’d have to be though considering how shit it was…
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