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Clutching At Straws

For those that may not know (Live outside of the UK) a little over four years ago on the 3rd of May, 2007 there was a family that went on holiday to Portugal, the parents and their three young children. One night the parents went out for a meal to the restaurant close to where they were stopping and left their children in their ground floor hotel room with the door unlocked.

While they were out some one apparently came into the hotel room and kidnapped one of the three children asleep in the room, 4 year old Madeleine McCann.

Now I’m pretty sure that by now pretty much everyone across the globe has heard about this little girl and her disappearance and since the moment she has gone there has been many suspects and false sightings, she’s distinctive by her right eye, as the pupil runs into the iris. How this really helps though is beyond me, I walk past children in the street every day I rarely take the time to look into their eyes as I’m walking past, some would say that’s a little weird.

Her parents both medical doctors, you would think that they would be smart enough to lock their hotel room door if they’re planning on leaving their children unattended, it’s not like it was a simple mistake as the parents frequently checked up on their children throughout the night, due to their negligence a sweet little girl has now been missing for four years.
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