PridePeople that have known me for some years know that it’s pretty common knowledge that I have in my life so far had a lot of jobs. I know people that have had just as many, people that may have only had one or two. How many in total have I had? Not even I know that answer as some of them don’t even appear on my CV.

I’ve mentioned previously that I tend to get bored easily at what I’m doing and then I start to piss around, subconsciously trying to self sabotage myself which results in me having to find new work either by my choice or theirs. I put it down to the fact that I just didn’t know what I wanted to do in life.

I originally started out as a cleaner at Chesterfield College before moving onto a full time job at a horrific paperboard packaging company; eventually leaving there and working in an electronics factory. From there I’ve done data entry, glass packing, I was a gardener at a covenant, hotel receptionist, outbound sales, kitchen porter in France, customer service advisor and even door to door sales for about four days.

A lot of them have been temporary jobs just to get me by until the next opportunity came along and it wasn’t that I was really all that bad at work; in fact in most cases I excelled at everything I did. Having such a wide variety of job roles over the years has given me the ability to pick things up quickly. And while I tried my best in everything I did; the only thing I haven’t gotten from any of those is pride. Continue reading “Pride”


How Do They Get Dressed In The Morning?

Today was going to be another one of those “What am I going to write about?” days, as the past couple of days have been really quiet, apart from my going to the gym yesterday and stopping a weight from dropping on the floor with my foot (yes I know) and me having an insane sleeping pattern going to sleep at 8 this morning and waking up at 3:30 in the afternoon not much as happened.

But low and behold something always goes off where I live, like today for instance some stupid cow left her car parked outside my house, got in another car and went off somewhere, this was at 10:30am but she’d left it parked almost opposite the car across the road meaning it was difficult for busses to get through and traffic in general.

I had trouble in my little Fiesta so I don’t know how busses have managed it all day.

Anyway, just about to tuck into my pie and chips when I hear a lot of beeping, a bus outside can’t fit through the gap between the two cars, the owner of the car that left it there this morning is nowhere to be seen, the owner of the car across the road is an inconsiderate idiot and refuses to move is, the bus driver yells at him which only makes it worse and the bloke goes back in his house. Continue reading “How Do They Get Dressed In The Morning?”