The Top Ten

After spending a week coming up with my Top 10 Lists blogs, it’s given me the drive to blog more frequently and rather than let these blogs get lost in my archives I thought I’d keep them in easy reach to give you all the idea of the sort of music I’m into.

Listed below on these Top 10 Songs lists are some of my favourite songs of all time and hopefully they’ll be something you’ll enjoy listening to as well.

Top Ten Songs… That Chill Me Out – What started off as a one off turned into a week long affair, listed here are the top ten songs I love listening to when I’ve had a particularly stressful day at work or just stressed at life in general.

Top Ten Songs… That I Love Driving To – The second top ten list is a list of songs that get me pumped up while driving, as we all know driving can be boring, especially when stuck in traffic there’s nothing better than keeping your self awake by turning up the volume and pissing off everyone around you.

Top Ten Songs… By Bands/Artists That Aren’t Well Known – The third list is a list of bands and artists that aren’t well known in the main stream scene, some of you may know some of these bands but I guarantee you won’t know them all, but hopefully I’ll expand your musical horizon and you will want to get to know them.

Top Ten Songs… From My Favourite Bands Of ALL Time – The fourth list is a list of my favourite songs from my favourite bands of all time, chances are you’ve heard of all these bands and you would have every right to. I would say the top five bands on this list I feel very passionate about.

Top Ten Songs… From My Favourite Artists Of ALL Time – Day five of Top 10 week is a list of songs from my favourite artists of all time, you’ve more than likely heard of all of these too as they’re pretty popular, but of course, they wouldn’t be the greatest of all time if they weren’t popular!

Top Ten Songs… That Gets Me In The Mood For A Night Out – There are certainly times when you know you’re heading out on the town and you’re just not feeling it, you’re stood there getting ready almost wishing for the call to say that night is cancelled and you just want to stay in and watch TV. I often have those moments but there are songs that helps me get past that and these are the top ten songs I either get ready to or mark out for when I hear them when I’m already out!

Top Ten Songs… Of ALL TIME! – The final episode of my Top 10 Songs and it ends with my top ten songs of all time, the songs that I have loved the most over the years, definitely some you’ll like, some you may not, but either way the songs have had a huge impact on my life in one way or another and definitely deserves to be on this list!

Top Ten Songs… Of My Favourite X Factor Auditions – A special if you will, as X Factor is currently on our screens and love it or hate it you’ve seen it at some point or a show like this, this list consists of my favourite auditions from my favourite X Factor contestants.


5 thoughts on “The Top Ten”

  1. Excellent idea! It’s a great example to publish what you love. I will do the same in my blog, if you don’t mind. By the way, and your top ten that gets you in the mood for get laid…? Because you need to reach that state of mind to prepare to, don’t you think? I’ve already have mine!!! And trust me, I’ll publish it very soon!

    1. Go for it, I’m sure I’m not the first person to do this.

      There is only two things that gets me in the mood for getting laid.

      1. Bitches.
      2. Alcohol.

      1. Well… I’m a woman so, no bitches and no alcohol! jajaja!!! Only a good state of mind can help, and of course a very good music to listen to…

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